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Executive summary

Colt Data Centre Services offers colocation and value added data centre services in secure, carrier neutral facilities across Europe and Asia.

Value proposition

Our customers need data centre space, but without the operational overhead required to build and manage their own facilities. Customers benefit from energy efficient, resilient facilities with advanced technology, run by local teams in multiple locations. With capacity on demand, customers can scale where needed while also benefiting from flexible commercial terms to help manage evolving business needs. This is a business where location is key – we operate 29 data centres globally, 22 in Europe and seven in Asia. In addition, we offer extensive third party data centre connectivity with 521 non-Colt data centres also connected to our network. Our colocation can be integrated with fully managed IT and cloud services where required, giving our customers access to the specific communities they are interested in, e.g. financial services/capital markets. We also understand the industry specific requirements of our customers. Several of our latest generation data centres also offer a low PUE of 1.21 which results in power and cost savings for customers.

Our services

  • Colocation – with requirements ranging from a single or partial rack to a fully dedicated hall and with flexible capacity terms available across our data centre estate
  • Value added data centre services (remote & smart hands, disaster recovery office space, connectivity services)

We operate 29 carrier neutral data centres globally, 22 across Europe and a further seven in Asia.

Our customers

Each local market is different and the types of customers we deal with also vary by market. Our customers range from large enterprises requiring space to house their critical IT infrastructure to SMEs with smaller, rack-based, capacity demands. Our customers include several of the top financial institutions in Europe, media players and leading global cloud operators.


During 2014 we increased our focus on retail colocation, where market demand remains strong. We have ceased active marketing of our modular ftec data halls this year, though we will continue to supply these where there is demand for standardised units. Customer demand for colocation space has seen us extend our data centre estate across Europe with the addition of space in new sites in Birmingham (UK) and Stockholm in addition to expanding our capacity in Hamburg and London. Through our acquisition of KVH we have a further seven sites with colocation capacity across Asia (Tokyo (three), Osaka, Hong Kong, Singapore and Busan). We have also increased our sales capability and developed our portfolio of value added services resulting in an enhanced service and support offering for our customers. Our Netherlands 3 colocation facility received a Data Centre Design and Build award and our London 2 data centre had its M&O Stamp of Approval renewed.

For 2014, Data Centre Services posted revenue growth of 8.0% associated with improvements in underlying colocation and ftec data centre sales. EBITDA improved 6.6% to €27.4m (2013: €25.7m) with a similar margin, 22.8% (2013: 23.1%), despite a larger contribution from lower margin ftec sales in the mix.


The strategy for Data Centre Services is to drive maximum return on investment through:

  • Focus on key markets: Provide relevant colocation services to target customers in each locality where we offer colocation services. Ensure we offer colocation services in the right locations; close to our customers, close to major Internet and financial exchanges and where we can generate the best returns on our investment.
  • Focus on customer experience: Through local understanding of customer needs ensure we leverage our proximity to customers in all of our data centre locations. Differentiate ourselves through the provision of enhanced and more efficiently structured customer support services.
  • Focus on asset use and efficiency: Optimise our cost of build and maintenance to maximise the efficiency of each data centre; drive use of existing space; and develop value added services that leverage our existing capabilities.

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