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Our people strategy

Our people strategy is to create a high performance culture at Colt. We believe that with the right level of talent, customer focus and organisation, we can generate the creativity, energy and results that will make Colt a rewarding place to work as well as delivering what our customers want.

2014 was a year of significant change for our colleagues. During the year we completed the restructuring of Colt along four lines of business: Network, Voice, Data Centre and IT services. We believe this restructure means our people are now better aligned with our customers and focused on the key elements of our business.

Respecting cultures, personalities and approaches along with our clear philosophy, operating strategy and set of values helps ensure that everyone at Colt can work together towards our common goals.

Engaging our people

In 2014, we conducted our annual employee engagement survey in order to learn more about what colleagues think about working at Colt. We had the highest response rate to date and the feedback was largely positive with 81% of colleagues stating they are proud to work for Colt, 94% of people fully support our values and 93% are willing to work beyond what is normally required to help Colt succeed.

This valuable exercise brought to our attention some areas in which we can improve. One of these areas is Leadership and our executives have increased their visibility across all locations to answer questions and gather feedback in a year of significant change. We have also introduced 360 degree feedback at senior management level in order to improve leadership skills.

In 2014 we created the Colt Ambassadors, an initiative where colleagues from multiple locations and varying levels of seniority come together to provide feedback on plans for change within the business and also to help communicate these plans out to the wider Colt community. This initiative has seen these volunteers develop as future leaders and has contributed directly to how we lead change at Colt.

Developing our talent

In 2014, we made a commitment to create a Colt Academy, an initiative which aims to educate and develop the skillsets among colleagues and managers. It is designed to support change and help our business to grow. The early work of the Academy has been focused on developing our leaders and we expect to extend the programmes in early 2015 to colleagues in sales and customer service. The Academy will ensure we have the right skills and culture for future success.

At Colt, we believe in our people and their talents. We are defining career and development paths to ensure that we have a strong flow of skills and experience into and within the business where we need it most. Our focus is to develop talent and identify future leaders who will help our business succeed.

Charitable spirit

We have some remarkable people at Colt and not just in terms of their professional contribution. The Colt Charity Bike Ride has been running for a few years now, bringing together a large number of colleagues from across the organisation to raise money for a good cause, and this year's event was bigger and better than ever. It involved 65 riders from across Europe cycling from Amsterdam to Frankfurt, covering 550km in four days. Job titles were cast aside as colleagues worked together to organise the event and cycle the route. They raised €105,334 for our local charity partners who all support the vulnerable young people in our local communities.

The bike ride was a great example of teamwork and commitment leading to a fun, rewarding experience and was an excellent demonstration of the positive spirit that exists within the Company. The initiative led Colt to be recognised as a finalist at the Capacity Magazine Awards in the category "Special Recognition for CSR".

All Colt employees are entitled to two annual volunteer days where they may give back to our communities via a range of CSR activities such as attending schools in their locality and providing assistance. These volunteering and fundraising activities help our people to develop their skills and improve teamworking across the company.

Our people India

Colt volunteers supporting local children at a school in Gurgaon, India.

Our people cycling

The 2014 Colt Charity Bike Ride from Amsterdam to Frankfurt benefited charity partners in ten European cities.

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